I've been kind of anti-Tinder lately.  Despite the fact that it's my go to dating app, I've had a few massive flubs thanks to it lately.  And while they give me good stories, they haven't yielded anything good enough to outweigh the fact that my dating game has been seriously off lately.  Seriously off.  I'm hoping that changes this weekend because I've got a few fine lookin' prospects I'm ready to meet this weekend.

Before getting into the weekend, though, I did have dinner with The Teacher Tuesday night.  Our first post talk dinner.  And, I'm sad to report, it didn't go too well.  It seems like that will we/won't we was maybe keeping things exciting.  We met up at Smith and 9th and things started out okay but I think we were both feeling like divorcees who'd given up hope.  "Too soon?" he asked me over a pre-dinner drink.  I don't know.  And that's what I told him.  I felt it too: a certain awkwardness that fell over us from the hello hug.  It doesn't make sense since we were always so excited and had great talks and even the making out was fun.  But maybe now that we've named it as friendship its lost some luster?  The first 20 minutes, which we spent sitting at the bar, was spent dissecting this new phase of our relationship, which included a brazen bartender weighing in that we were "fucking weird" and then laughing and apologizing and pointing out that "fucking weird" was way better than the usual boredom of the Tuesday night crowd.  He continued to go on pointing out that we're both young and attractive and shouldn't waste each other's time with obligatory weekly dinners and should instead focus that time on dating other people, at which point he gave both of us his number.  Welcome to Brooklyn, I guess.

We loosened up a bit over dinner and I made him let me go through his much neglected Tinder.  Weirdly there was a girl I work with on it and another who looks like a girl I know from high school.  The night got more fun as I helped him write a few opening messages -- I can't even begin to calculate how many guys I've unmatched because of bad openers -- and we scheduled a date for him and a cute girl who lives in midtown.  After that it got a little weird again and we ended the night without any promise to text or call or hook up next week.  I'm not too worried, because in the long run it's not going anywhere, but I don't know... parts of tonight were fun but let's face it, most girls would not want their new boyfriend having weekly dinners with another chick.  I wouldn't.

I spent part of my trip home reading but while above ground I went through Tinder and was kind of psyched.  A while ago I had a hottie sent to me who is pretty far from my usual but there was just something about his picture and, praise Buddha, when I swiped through the rest they were just as good.  Longish brown wavy hair, a LOT of ink.  Artistic looking.  He'd finally swiped right on me and sent me a quick note that said he'd been showing his work in St. Louis but was back in town and did I want to grab a beer.  Quick, to the point -- the way I like 'em.  We're meeting up tonight for a beer at some total dive.

Another match, surprise surprise, was a Wall St. type.  These guys are everywhere on Tinder.  He's 26, clean cut, likes to run and wants a dog.  Lives with a roommate, but planning on buying a place when their lease runs out.  His opening was also good -- asked me if I was ready for Spring and wanted to celebrate it with a walk on the High Line Saturday.  I said yes.  My Saturday night is already booked with a work event and I'm looking forward to brunch with my girls on Sunday.  Who knows, maybe I'll have some stories for them.

So, what's your Tinder turn off?  Do you care about first lines?  How much time do you like to chat before deciding whether or not you're going to meet up?  What's your ideal first date when it comes to online dating?  Let's chat in the comments or hook up with me on Twitter!

<3Hearts!!<3 --