No, I'm Not A Complete Flake -- Filling in that Big Blank

And of course, just as things were heating up and getting very interesting, I stopped writing.  The short (and only) version: a family member got super sick and I rushed back "home" to Colorado and just didn't have the time or attention span to write.  I scribbled things here and there and took screenshots of text messages in order to be able to keep going but I left so quickly I didn't even bring my laptop.  Once things evened out there I had to travel for my job here in NY and today is the first day I feel like I've had a chance to breathe.

Since U Been Gone

I had two pieces on Tinder, one of my favorite topics to expound on, published on sites in the UK.  The Frequent Dater, a site giving dating advice to men published this piece on common Tinder mistakes.  Singles Warehouse published my thoughts on why I don't like to communicate too much prior to the first date.

The Boys...

Since my last update I have had one more date with InkaDinkaDude but this time at my place to avoid any bullshit with his friends showing up.  It also ended weirdly, but who knows.  We're seeing each other tonight for a proper date.

Wall St... well, I still have to fill you in on dinner with him.  That is slightly stalled at the moment.  I cancelled on him abruptly when everything happened and he didn't appreciate it.  (No, the irony is not lost on me).  I met up with him for coffee yesterday during lunch and explained myself and he was gracious and embarrassed but I don't know... still seems weird.  We'll see. I'm not sure why I feel so compelled to keep seeing him.  Well, I do.  But the universe doesn't seem to agree that he's the best match.

For now I'm going to catch up on putting together my life over the last few weeks using screenshots and scribbles