The Return of Wall St. (My Tuesday Night)

When it rains, it pours.  My mom always said that when I was in high school.  Always.  Probably because it's true.  And it is no truer than in my dating life.

The State of Affairs

To start, before too many details, I want to recap where I am right now:  I had my third "date" with Wall St. Tuesday night, which explains the title of this blog.  Our first date was a walk on the High Line, second was dinner, he blew me off for our third date and this Tuesday night date was arranged after I reached out after not hearing from him after the blow off.

Tonight I'm having my third date with InkaDinkaDude.  We have gone out for beers twice, the second time including in a huge make out session on a park bench ending with him asking if he could cook me dinner tonight.

The Return Of Wall St.

I was both utterly terrified and insanely excited for drinks with Wall St. on Tuesday.  Considering he had blown me off in the ugliest of ways I was trying not to get my hopes up.  Especially because the night of said blow off was supposed to end with us locking lips.  We agreed to meet at the same place Tuesday night and when I arrived, he was already there.  Impressive because Alphabet City is not easy to get to.

We tripped over words saying hi and I finally just laughed and said, "Let's start drinking." in an attempt to lighten the moment and resurrect some of the connection we'd had before.  It was obvious we were both pretty uncomfortable and not sure where to start.  The bar was fairly empty again... same guy reading, same bartender, same scruffy guy.  No girls this time.  We took a table as far from the bar as we could and he asked what I was drinking.  Vodka soda with lime -- keeping it easy.  Not wasting time figuring out what beer I might like.

He got the drinks and when he sat down he was stiff.  Whether or not it was a smart thing to say I started the conversation, "So I'm just going to put this out there: I don't want to rehash what happened or talk about feelings and expectations.  Too early for that.  You had something come up, didn't think through how to handle it, and we're moving on.  Or not moving on.  But I don't think it merits a huge amount of discussion or explanation."  He seemed, I don't know... taken aback?  I couldn't tell if he was surprised that I was so blunt or if he'd had some big speech prepared he'd been excited to try out.  He smiled and exaggeratedly wiped his brow with a "phew!" and smiled.  Ugh, that smile.  

"Well, Miss Hannah, I'm glad you got that out of the way.  But can I add something?" I permitted his addition.  "I am loyal to a fault to my friends.  And this is obvious because I could have lost the chance to hang out with you again.  So here's my promise -- I know!  it's close to an expectation but let's just say this isn't a relationship promise it's a one person to another promise --: in the future if I ever have something come up I will either call you sooner and also attempt to extricate myself."  We shook on it.  And yes, I liked the sense of future in that.

Being a Tuesday night we were able to chat at a reasonable volume without interruption, and just kind of filled each other in on things.  We talked about the primaries, but not about politics.  And we covered some other stuff... but the spark was dim -- not nearly what I'd felt before.  It could have been that it was a Tuesday... not exactly a sexy night.  It could be that I had a serious yearning to learn exactly what type of crisis had been so important that I got a text late in the game and nothing else.  It took a LOT of willpower to avoid asking about that.  He seemed to notice it, too.

"Any plans for the weekend?" he started the conversation I'd had everything crossed hoping for.

"Friday night dinner, my usual Sunday routine."

"You have a Sunday routine?"

"I do."

We were quiet for a few minutes... so awkward.  "What about you?" I asked.

"I'm off to Jersey Friday after work to see my friends."


"I told them I was thinking of coming home Saturday." my stomach flipped, "So I could come over and cook dinner with you."  It took me a minute.  More than a minute.  And when I figured it out I felt the heat sear through me.  He looked flattered, and also a little impressed with himself.  Does my Nebraska boy have an ego?  I didn't care.  Clearly the awkwardness was something we were going to try and get over.  

"Sounds good," I reached out my hand to put my contact info in his phone but he flipped over his coaster and handed me a pen instead.  

"Can you write down the closest subway and walking directions?"

We finished our drinks and I excused myself.  Walking by Scruffy Guy he said loudly enough so I could hear him but not so much that Wall St., back at our table, would, "Is that the homeboy who blew you off the other night?" I stopped and looked at him, he winked -- so cute! -- and I kept going.  Weird.  But God is he hot.

When I got out Wall St had gotten another round and conversation flowed.  I was a little tipsy by the time we called it a night, but not embarrassingly so.  Enough that I didn't feel like walking home.  He hailed me a cab, asked if 7:30 worked for Saturday and opened the door.  Then he said, "Wait, wasn't there something else we were supposed to do?"

"There may have been something." I tried to look as flirtatious as possible without squealing with excitement.


"Saturday.  Barring any crises that may arise, of course." I attempted the joke to which he kissed the end of my nose and called me sassy.

A Weekend to Remember?

So... InkaDinkaDude is making me dinner at his place tomorrow night, Wall St. is coming home from Jersey early to cook with me at my place Saturday night... it's raining, it's pouring and hopefully I won't spend any part of my weekend snoring.

At this point I don't really have a strong feeling as far as a future with either of these guys.  I think Wall St. is definitely more boyfriend/bring him home to mom material but I'm caught up in the excitement of boys trying to impress me with dinner.  I'm pretty sure every guy in his twenties thinks this is super grown up.  Or they like it because it's way easier to get to the couch/bedroom/other surface on which sex is possible.  Which do you prefer early on?  Restaurants or home-cooked meals?  Why?  And what's your favorite place for after dinner activities?