Weekend Recap

Hey, hey.  Hope everyone had a great weekend whatever was on the agenda, from hunting for eggs to just a typical few days off from the 9-5 grind.  You know, it's really hard to write these posts without asking specific questions of my girls who used to get the email version of this.  My apologies in advance for the inevitable time I blow up someone's spot with a question about a visit to the gyno or whatever.  'Cuz we all know that's coming.

Last time we were together I mentioned a few things... The Teacher and the current state of our fizzled out romance turned possible friendship, and two dates for the weekend.  Let's just say all three of those topics kept me busy this weekend.

Beer With The Inked Artiste

This was a good way to kick off a weekend.  As my girls know, I'm not a fan of the Thursday night first date.  To me, it's prime real estate and can send a few messages I don't like to send in the beginning.  Like that this guy has a chance at something more than my usual two drinks if you play every card right game plan.  Did you think I was going to say I'm worried he'll think I don't have something better to do on a Thursday night?  Let's get this out front and center: I don't care about that.  Not one bit.

Because we threw things together kind of quickly and he had been traveling I'd suggested he just pick the place.  I don't let guys know where I live until a few dates in.  I'm super up front about it and when they start hemming and hawing that it might be too far I just say, "Yeah, I'll let you know."  Clearly women in this city play a lot of games.  Not me.  We met at that spot in Williamsburg that lets you bring your dog.  Yeah.  Kind of an interesting spot for a beer but I know he likes dogs.  Always a good thing to know... my take on dogs?  They're okay for other people to have but I don't get how anyone can have a dog in this city.  I'll wait until I have a fenced yard in the 'burbs before making that kind of commitment.  I'm far too "gone" to have to figure out how to take care of a pooch without giving the thing abandonment and other issues.

That said, the spot was cool and I didn't see a single dog.  Not that I would have minded a few heads to scratch although, let's face it, this guy's head was the most appealing in the place.  Yeah.  Wow.  Even hotter in person.  We were meeting straight after work so I warned him that I'd be the one sticking out like a sore thumb in Williamsburg.  When I got there, a few minutes early, I was the only one in clothes bought for the first time.  Or at least clothes meant to look that way.  My office is fairly chill when it comes to clothes but I had a client meeting that required me stepping things up so I'd swapped out shoes and accessories to look a little less upper west side.  He was already there, which was cool and immediately recognized and came over to greet me from where he was sitting at the bar.  Confident stride, euro double kiss, hand on my back as he whisked me over to the bar and introduced me to an equally tatted dude slinging drinks.  It was like we were old buddies in a matter of seconds.

As far as first dates go: one of the most comfortable I've ever been on.  Seriously.  He is interesting, smart, funny, easy to talk to about anything -- and we covered the gamut from whether Williamsburg has peaked to what it is about cereal that makes it acceptable for every meal.  We didn't talk much about ourselves or our history which was surprisingly refreshing.  We're both transplants.  He's from New Hampshire, been here since after college.  Same as me although Colorado.  He's also so hot.  So so hot.  Brown waves, thrown into a cliche, but (God, I cannot believe how many times I'm going to use this word) hot, man bun.  Amber eyes.  A dimple.  Dark jeans a long sleeved tee and simple sweater, to answer the question on some of your minds.  Before I knew it my beer was almost done and when he pointed to our empty glasses with a shrug a few minutes later I gave a nod and we just continued chatting.

We were slower on the second beer which was a good idea -- I wasn't staying for more than two and he seemed to know that.  Maybe that was also his plan?  If so, he gets a few more points.  I asked about his work and he slipped me a card with his website so I could check it out in person -- he doesn't believe in cell phone pictures of art -- he's got a few pieces at a gallery in Manhattan.

Things got a little weird when some people he knew came in and he picked up the pace on his beer.  I figure either he was worried about them spilling the dirt on him -- that's based on a raised eyebrow in the group -- or that he wanted to hang with his friends.  He suggested we move to a different spot and give them our spaces at the bar.  I was almost done so I just finished my drink after standing and suggested we call it a night.  He paid, I thanked him, and we walked outdoors.

He walked me to the subway and we chatted for a few more minutes.  Very casual feeling.  We hadn't done much by way of flirting other than a few quick touches here and there.  Not really a place for that, you know?  More of a have a beer and chat and laugh environment which is cool with me.  When we got to the station he put his hands on my shoulders as the street started to rumble a little, said I was hotter than he had expected and that I could get a guy like him in trouble, and kissed the top of my head.  Yeah, a little weird.  "We should hang out again!" he called after me as I raced to get to the train.

So yeah, after a pretty cool night the end was a bit weird but whatever.  Those trains don't exactly run like clockwork and there wasn't a pressing urgency to stand there and make out while waiting for the next one to arrive.  I didn't call out a response, which may have been even more awkward considering the speed at which I flew down the stairs but when I got above ground again there was a message from him that he thought we needed some of the night to be awkward and he'd work harder to make our second meeting more awkward.  I thought that was cute.  I sent a quick text once I was home acknowledging the humor and thanking him.  The ball's in his court.  I'd go out with him again but it's not like there was a pressing need at that point to make a plan.  It's clear we'll be meeting up again.

A Walk With Wall Street

Met up with the Wall St. type on Saturday.  NOT what I expected.  Not one bit.  His hair was a bit more grown out than his pictures but still neat and honestly, adorable.  He was in gray jeans, a plaid shirt and some sort of typical twenty something guy jacket -- North Face or whatever.  Worn blue Converse high tops were a bit of a surprise.  He was FULL of surprises.

We met on 14th where he went in for a handshake.  Yes, a handshake.  I'm a hugger or nothing at all.  Handshakes are just odd as far as I'm concerned.  So we shook awkwardly and for some reason, I blushed.  Me!  He's just sweet and for some reason it kind of bowled me over.  I could tell he noticed - I mean I wasn't bright red or anything but I definitely felt the flush.  Luckily he immediately suggested we grab some bodega coffee and we looked around for a spot rather than stand there and watch the pink splay across my cheeks.

The walk was a bit quiet at first but the streets were busy so it wasn't too bad.  Better than having to yell our awkward first date chat for the world to hear.  We walked and chatted.  He's from Nebraska originally.  Outside of Lincoln.  Two sisters and a brother, parents have a fairly successful farm but mom is a public school teacher.  He goes home for Christmas every year and he and his siblings meet up for a trip every summer.  His parents visit when they can but it's easier for his mom who is a Broadway musical junkie.  Cute.

Conversation was different.  Not as frenetic as with the artist and maybe a little more substantive.  We didn't get into dating histories, praise Jesus -- I'm getting sick of that trend.  He and some transplants do Thanksgiving and Easter together as an excuse to cook big dinners and hang out.  He seems to have a pretty god social life -- I love that.  I'm sick of guys who don't have friends.  That's really weird to me.  If you're in your twenties and you're not recently divorced you should have a rich social life.

We walked way more than either of us had planned, I assume, based on the reaction when we found ourselves passing through Times Square.  It was getting a little close to when I was going to need to get home and get ready for a work function.  Nothing major -- I didn't even really need to go but it had sounded like fun so I'd gotten a ticket.

And so I did something no one is going to expect.  Yes, me.  Hannah with her rules and limits and strict dating code.  Once we got out of the annoyance of Times Square I stopped and said, "Do you want to have dinner tonight?"  Dinner.  Impromptu dinner.  On a Saturday night, no less.  It was his turn to blush.  And then it got really awkward.  I started to feel the need to backpedal and started to stammer, and he must've felt like he had come across as not interested in dinner because he threw up his hands in what probably looked like a defensive maneuver to anyone watching from afar.  We were near my fav restaurant and I guess I was just in the moment, haha.

Turns out he had plans with his boys but it was obvious he wanted to and so after some more stammering... we're having dinner tonight.  And I'm excited.  Like really excited.  I never get like this but I don't know... he's just adorable.  We hugged goodbye at the subway and I headed back downtown (didn't catch his direction, which is fine)  I messaged him my number the minute I was above ground and he must have done the same since his came in while I was typing.  He also texted me randomly Saturday night and once on Sunday -- not drunken nonsense and not, "Oh, I should have blown off my guys and gone out with you,".  The first was a link to an article about his parents' farm he'd mentioned and on Sunday he sent me a picture of his drink with a quick "cheers".

Needless to say, I'm super excited for tonight.

But, before I go -- got a text from The Teacher this morning saying he hoped I had a good weekend and that his date went well.  That was it so I just said I was so happy for him.  That might have been the final exchange.

Have you ever gotten a little eager beaver on a first date and jumped like I did?  Would you go out with the artist again?  Am I being stupid with by going out with this farm boy tonight?  Let's talk in the comments or on Twitter!

<3Hearts!!<3 --