Wait, Why Did I Start This NYC Dating Blog Again?

"Your emails are hysterical!" they responded.  "You have to start a blog!" they clinked their glasses with mine.  And I got carried away in it and started writing a blog.  Instead of the emails.  Not realizing that as is the way with the world, when you put your shit out there something usually catches up with you.  And let's just say that things have caught up with me.  Not the long arm of the law or anything, but God have I been dreading writing this post.

I Did Not Make Out With Wall St.

Yeah, I'll just start there.  I did not make out with Wall Street.  In fact, I didn't even come close.  That's an understatement, even.  It was actually physically impossible for us to make out last Saturday.  Hence why I have put off updating this blog but after the texts and emails... well, here I am.

We were supposed to meet at 8 pm last Saturday in Alphabet City for a drink before going to see his friends' band play.  Then we were going to let the night play out.  This is, of course, not something I would usually do.  It's so early.  Way too early for no plan.  But, in my defense, I'm trying not to be so ridiculous about my rules.  Because some say I have too many of them.  So I figured we'd meet up, we'd have a drink or two, we'd party, we'd end up making out somewhere semi-private, and then I'd get home.  Alphabet City's not too far from my hood so I could even walk and not have to worry about finding a cab late (it's not subwayable).

A girlfriend of mine popped in with some munchies and I opened a bottle of wine with the understanding that one bottle was the limit.  She helped me decide on the finer points of my outfit and also checked the back of my hair before I headed out.  There is nothing like a human to check the back of your hair.  Nothing.

I got to the bar and he wasn't there, but it's not like the neighborhood is the easiest one to get to so I wasn't too worried.  It would have been nice to get there second since it was early enough that there were very few people in the bar and I felt a little weird but whatever.  I took a spot at the bar, hung my coat over the one next to me and ordered a cocktail.

After five minutes I still wasn't worried.  But, long story short: I was something fifteen minutes later.  Not worried, per se, but... annoyed?  Embarrassed?  I didn't want to be that chick at the bar, obviously stood up and checking her phone so I just sipped my cocktail and chatted with the bartender who looked like he'd rather do anything other than that.  There were two girls playing pool, a guy reading at the bar (welcome to nyc), and another guy at the bar who was a little rough looking but kind of cute.  Yes, I noticed.  I ordered a second cocktail and half a bottle of wine and two cocktails later I looked at my phone quickly and there it was: a text from Wall St.

2nite's not going 2 wrk.Sry.

Shit happens.  I get that, but you couldn't text me that earlier?  Like before I left the house?  Or while I was on my way.  Or, a few days before.  Okay, so maybe something happened but I don't know... I'm not impressed.  I didn't respond until the next day, and that was a simple, "K."  I hate when people do that... it's so passive aggressive.  But, whatever.

Post second drink I realized that not only was I on my way to being drunk but I was also pretty hungry so I thanked him, paid my tab and then walked out.

Dating In NYC: A Waiting Game

When I hadn't heard anything from Wall St. by Tuesday I was, admittedly, bummed.  The annoyance had worn off and so I was just left wondering how there could be such a connection, such a spark, that fizzled really quickly.  Not that I thought we were getting married.  But I figured we were at least going to go out a few more times before discovering the things about each other we found irritating, or offensive... the deal breakers always come out after a few weeks.

I guess to me it's just really weird that things could go so well and then be ended so abruptly.  Like it was pretty clear from his text that either someone died or he just, for whatever reason, wasn't interested.  And of course I wavered.  Because if someone did die maybe my response was too bitchy.  And, maybe I was putting up a fence where one didn't need to be.  My response... my "k" could have sent a message that I wasn't in the mood to hear from him.  And it's not like I was jumping to reschedule.  I don't know what it was that made me so pissed.  That has me so pissed.  Ugh.  I don't even know.

S, a girl I work with and talk about men over lunch with sometimes, suggested I just text, "Not sure what happened but hope everything is okay."  It's not a question, and it is humane.  But, quite honestly, I don't feel like dealing with rejection.  It's been over a week.  Of nothing.

Temptation to meet up with InkaDinkaDude (yeah, he's still kind of lingering around the edges of my life and thus has been ordained) was running high.  On Wednesday I texted him around 9 p.m. that I was up for some trouble.  He was out of town but we ended up texting for quite some time.  Got a little hot so we moved things over to SC.  Nothing too crazy but the potential was there.  He's back in town tomorrow and we are going to meet up for a beer Thursday.  Apparently he's okay with the Thursday night thing now that he's gotten a few peeks.

So -- what do you think happened with Wall St.?  Should I text him?  Just let it go?  How do you guys feel about SnapChat?  What are you willing to send and do you set any boundaries first? Let's chat in the comments or on Twitter!

<3Hearts!!<3 --