Time To Start My NYC Dating Blog

So when I decided to start blogging my love life it wasn't exactly an easy choice to make.  But, after my girl (and some guy) friends started their relentless campaign I figured I might as well give it a go.  It's not like I'm going to use people's names.

Nope.  That's rule #1.  And started long before this blog was even a spark in the synapses.  No names.  Nicknames.  I've always used them for crushes and others.  They are a mainstay of my dating adventures emails and will continue in this blog as I chronicle NYC dating and specifically my own dating life.

But rather than just dive in I figured it's better to give you a little starting info, dear reader.

NYC Dating Is Incestuous

NYC may be huge but it's also tiny.  Everyone seems to know everyone else and the regular neighborhoods you visit become small towns.  For me that means where I live, where I work, and a few select neighborhoods where I hang out (like near my yoga studio, fav restaurant, and more).  Part of the amusement is the way everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, overlaps.  I've gotten into more than one jam this way.

Who's off limits

Because of these incestuous relationships I have moved to a happy place of not being set up by friends and exclusively (haha, not!) date guys I meet on Tinder and randomly.  It keeps things somewhat less entangled.

What And When I'll Blog

I date.  A lot.  That's a NYC dating thing, I think.  We do things quickly here, including deciding whether or not we like someone.  I have some pretty staunch rules about whether or not I'll go on a second date and a third.  And while I have dry spells like everyone else out there, I also go through dry spells when there's not much to report.

I generally email my friends on Sunday evening and on Wednesday or Thursday.  If something major is going on I'll add another.  If nothing is going on I may to write at all.  I'm not looking to get rich and famous off this blog so the same goes here.  I will, though, share other interesting blogs and I'm definitely interested in sharing and reblogging - so pop me an email if you have something you think might interest me.

Posts will include anything interesting in the dating world (new apps, updates, articles) but focus mostly on my own adventures in NYC dating.  If this doesn't interest you, I advise walking away right now.  Who knows how gory the details will get.  They can get fairly in depth in the emails... never gratuitous but when it's needed I go there.  And sometimes it's needed to make a story work.

The State Of Affairs

At the moment my dating life is in flux.  I just ended a three month thing with a nice guy.  We called him The Teacher.  The nickname wasn't all that cryptic.  He was so nice.  Really, really nice.  But I don't know if either of us were feeling any sparks.  That said, the conversation came up over the weekend and was pretty simple.  He asked about dinner this coming weekend and I said, "So, I'm starting to feel like these weekly dinners are with my best friend."  He was definitely surprised -- his blush gave it away -- but he also seemed relieved.  Like he had to stop worrying that we were going to go back to his place and bang.  It was a weekly dinner and long walks, talking about books, movies, we watched the first season of Love together on Netflix and had a few makeout sessions but it was all very high school.  The Teacher is definitely on his way to becoming one of my closest friends but we've agreed to stop calling it dating and, honestly, I'm excited to help him up his dating game.

After five dates with The Teacher I kept flipping through Tinder but didn't go out with anyone else.  Part of it was that he took up a LOT of time -- good phone calls, random invites to author talks and museum exhibits -- and the other part was that I honestly liked him and thought something might spark.

I think it ending so well is what kept me from immediately texting The Booty Call.  Oh, stop acting shocked.  We all have one.  Mine just happens to have more of an effect on me than he should.  Sometimes I think I break up with people just for the rebound even though it never lasts long.  His new game is not telling me if there is someone else in the picture before.  I'm all for no strings but I don't like being the chick his current girlfriend is worrying about.  I now start my pre-booty texts with, "Does someone think you two are exclusive?" and so far, at least as far as I can tell, he's told me the truth.  I know, I know.

So that's it for me... not too much on the horizon.  I had a great weekend out in Astoria visiting one of my college roomies and drinking too much but nothing worth reporting.  Who knows what this week will hold.  I hope you'll check back and follow my NYC dating adventures!

<3Hearts!!<3 --