I'm Making Out Tonight (Date Recap, Planned Dates)

Phew!  It's been a busy week or so.  Really busy.  But in a good way.  Work has been interesting, I finally moved into my new position -- lateral but more in line with what I was seeking when I took the job at the firm and so I was reading up on notes from the guy I replaced, while also helping out the new girl who is taking my place.  She's super smart so I'm sure she'll be fine within a week or so.  She and I had met for drinks the weekend before her first day so I could get her started with some stuff and show her my file system so it would be easier.  Anyway... no one wants to read about my 9-5.

I Have Ordained Him Wall St.

So, my insane Monday night impromptu-ish dinner date with the Wall St. type?  Yeah, that.  It was awesome.  A little different than what I think I had imagined but so good that I've blurred the lines between what I imagined and what was.  And, nearly a week later, I have not stopped thinking about it.  We had decided to meet at a convenient A/C/E stop and walk together rather than meet at the restaurant.  This is usually a no-no for me at first but he offered and I felt weird saying no to something so innocuous.  I read on the train and was apparently giddy because the guy next to me smiled and said, "Hot date?" to which my answer of, "That obvious?" was met with a chuckle and friendly eye roll.  I barely made it through a page and must have checked myself out in the window across from us 8 times a minute.  I am ridiculous.

When I got up to street level Wall St. was there, looking adorable in his work wear.  He knows how to clean up.  It was interesting to see this other side of him from the jeans and sneakers guy of last Saturday.  He was standing there reading (reading!) when I walked up to him and then his face instantly lit up when he saw me.  This time I just went in for a hug rather than do the handshake thing and let me say this: he smelled so fucking good.  I have no idea what it was but I would bathe in it.  Or just rub myself against him until it wore off on me.  Ack.  So good.

The restaurant was a quick walk and when we got there we were quickly seated.  He deftly ordered a bottle of wine, something I haven't seen anyone other than people my parents' age do.  The shock must have registered on my face (yeah, I have ZERO poker face) because he winked and said, "This Nebraska boy is full of surprises."  And he is.

Dinner was good, the wine was great, and the conversation was perfect.  A good balance of light and medium topics, personal and universal.  We ate leisurely and enjoyed two bottles of wine -- finishing the second one while talking way after dinner ended.  We met at 7 and walked back to the subway at 11.  Who am I?  This is so far out of my usual realm but whatever, I'll go with it.

Before I get to the end of the night, I want to be clear: I am not one to think that this is going to be some storybook romance.  I have been on plenty of exciting and amazing first and second dates only to never hear from someone again or realize that I feel absolutely nothing for them.  But I also firmly believe in enjoying all the feel good feelings that come from these types of dates.  That said, I have definitely noticed a few things about him that I'm curious about.  At some point I made an observation, a humorous one, about dating in this city and he clammed up and changed the topic -- interesting.  It could be that he's not interested in talking about relationships just yet.  I get that.  I feel like when you talk about anything next steppy, in any step of your life, it's because it's inevitable.  And he could be dating other people, or he could be at the end of a relationship.  It was just insane how quickly he flipped the switch on that.

Another thing that was a noteworthy was that he made this comment about how he's always busy on Thursday nights.  We weren't making plans or anything, just talking about routines -- I mentioned my Sunday morning routine which is so cliche I can't even bring myself to mention it here -- and he was like, "I'm busy every Thursday night."  Not, mind you, "I go out with my boys/I play dungeons and dragons/I am a Jehovah's Witness (wait, is that Tuesday night?)..." but a definitive statement that he doesn't have a single Thursday night from now until he's dead free.  Point taken, Wall Street.

Of course, on the bright side, he did mention that I was fairly busy, too... that he thought it was cute that my girlfriends and I do a weekly girls' night, and he packaged it in, "Well, before we leave tonight I'll have to get on your dance card."  And yes, I liked that.  I liked it a lot.  And he did get on my dance card.  For tonight.  A Saturday night date.  Which is prime real estate.

We were both looking at early Tuesday mornings, and busy ones, so we skipped on the stop at a wine bar for an additional glass or two of wine (a good idea).  I hailed a cab to get home and he opened the door for me.  After a deliciously awkward moment of I had a good time and I shouldn't say that I can't wait to see you again but I just did we totally messed up a kiss, then couldn't stop laughing and said we'd get it right Saturday.


I am totally making out with Wall St. tonight and I can't wait.

We're meeting up at 8 for a drink in Alphabet City before going to see his friend's band and then going out with his friends.  Did I mention that I have broken pretty much EVERY rule with this guy?  I've broken pretty much every rule with this guy.

The Inked Artiste Strikes Again (And Nearly Out)

Last night around midnight I got a Tinder message from my tatted friend.  His #.  And then, "Want to grab a beer?"

I assume he meant last night but he could have just meant "some time" so I didn't want to go all self righteous.  I texted him "How's Thursday?" and yeah, he meant right then.  He said he couldn't stop thinking about how hot I was and that he wanted to get into trouble.  I told him that he was drunk and could probably get into trouble without me but that I'd be game for Thursday.  His last text was that he didn't like falling into a routine.

I haven't responded.  I mean, yeah... we went out last Thursday but I just don't see us sitting down over dinner.  But I'm game for a Thursday night beer with him.  Oh, and before you point and accuse -- it has nothing to do with the fact that Wall St. is busy on Thursdays and everything  to do with the fact that it's a good night to grab a beer.  He's got my number so if he wants to go out he'll text.  If he doesn't, he won't.  I'm ambivalent although he is super hot.  I also feel like I could call him in six months and he'd be game.

Radio silence from The Teacher so yeah, that's done.  And it's fine.

So, what do you think?  What's Wall St. do on Thursday nights?  Will the artiste make another attempt?  And should I feel guilty about swiping after two really good dates with Wall St.?  Also, am I moving way too fast here?  Let's chat in the comments or on Twitter!

<3Hearts!!<3 --