Hey, I'm Hannah!  I'm a girl who loves love.  Dating, sex, romance and yes, I'll admit it, drama!  For a few years now I've written a two or three times weekly email to my girlfriends about my misadventures in dating and they keep begging me to start a blog so here it is.  In addition to my own tales of adventure on the streets and between the sheets I'll reblog other great pieces from sex/love/dating bloggers and link to pieces of mine that appear elsewhere.

Full disclosure: this blog is NSFW.  Period.  Some of these posts may be vanilla, I have run into plenty of vanilla boys in my adventures, but on the whole you probably don't want to read about this stuff on your work computer -- if only because the IT guy already has a crush on you and that would be a weird conversation.

Also, I swear.  All of the fucking time.

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Real names modified or left out completely, some people are composites and noted as such.

Let's kiss and tell.